New Blessing Boxes: Personalized and Ebenezer Boxes of Remembrance

20121215_232558 (2)

I have added two new types of Blessing Boxes. One is the Personalized Blessing Box. I made this one for my son, Zach. I put a letter in the inside lid with his name, the meaning of his name and how God has shaped his character and personality into the amazing young man that he has become. I filled it with verses that I will be praying for him for this coming year. I wanted him to know how much of a blessing he is to our family and how much we love him. I gave one of these boxes to each of my older children this past Christmas.

20121215_232535 (2)
This one is for his precious wife Jessica.

The second Blessing Box that I have added this year is the Ebenezer Box of Remembrance. I actually got this inspiration for this box from our director at Lifeline Children’s Services, Herbie Newell. He is always encouraging us to “remember the great and mighty deeds of the Lord and the answers to prayers that we see daily here at Lifeline.” We have an Ebenezer Wall at Lifeline where we document all of our incredible answers to prayer that happen around our office and with our families.

So, I got the idea for a family Ebenezer Box of Remembrance.
Ebenezer Box 3

Two scriptures come to mind for the purpose of this box. One is the entire chapter of Psalm 78. Read the whole chapter. It speaks of remembering and sharing the great deeds of the Lord with your family and children so that the next generation will know them and believe in the Lord your God. The second chapter is Psalm 145 which speaks of the same thing. We got the name Ebenezer Box from I Samuel 7:12 “Till now the Lord has helped us”.

I put the family’s name on the top of the box along with Psalm 78 and pictures of their family. I print this on parchment type paper and glue it with Modge Podge. I also use the Modge Podge to glue the pictures. I put the glue on the back of the paper and pictures, but also put a layer of glue on top of them as well to protect them from wear and tear and possible spills.

This box will need to be quite a bit larger than the other Blessing Boxes because of its purpose.
The Ebenezer Box of Remembrance is a special box of remembrance to record the great and mighty deeds of the Lord towards your family. It is a special place for recording answers to prayers, keeping small tokens as special reminders of where God has led you and how he has kept you by his mighty hand. Any symbol that triggers a reminder of his goodness is welcome here. All answers to prayer can be included in here.
May it be a place where you can record for your children and your children’s children the greatness of our God towards your family. Open frequently and remember together how God has inclined his ear and heard your pleas, cries and whispers. All prayers, especially the prayers of little ones, are most welcome here.

Here is the inside letter with Psalm 145 and explaining the purpose of the Ebenezer Box of Remembrance. You can print this letter and size it according to your box.Ebenezer box of remembrance Glue this letter to the inside lid of your box so that it can be seen and read when it is open. I surrounded this one with pictures of family. I also added pictures to the inside bottom of the box.

Here are a few more pictures. I actually made this box for our director Herbie Newell and his family. They have been such a tremendous blessing to our family, and I thank him so much for this marvelous idea. Ebenezer Box 4

Ebenezer Box

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