How to make a Blessings Box

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Blessing boxes make wonderful gifts.  They are easy and inexpensive to make and are filled with invaluable encouragement and hope.  It is a decorative box filled with selected scriptures tied as little scrolls with ribbons.  A special message of encouragment is found inside the top cover of the box.  I have made many of these and they have become very popular.  So, I want to share with you how to make them so that if you want, you can give them as gifts as well.

I have given blessing boxes for a wedding gift, new baby gift, new adoption gift, birthday friendship gift, birth mother encouragement box, and general family blessing box.  You can go into your local Hobby Lobby or similar store and purchace a decorative box with a lid where you can adhere your blessing letter inside (see picture). They ususally go on sale at Hobby Lobby for half price which is always under ten dollars.  You will want the box large enough to hold at least thirty scrolls.  Pick a box that fits the occasion.  Young and festive if for a birth day.  Match the colors for a wedding, etc.

Then choose ribbon that matches the box or complements the color of your box.

Blessing Box pic 3

Choose scriptures for the occasion.  You will need about thirty.  I am going to provide a few PDFs of verses that I have used for various boxes that you can print.  You will want verses that match the occasion and are encouraging and point toward Christ.  I like to use verses that magnify the glory of God, his attributes, encourage perserverance and unconditional love.

Blessing Box pic

I have a PDF of verses especially for adoptive families that are very encouraging and helpful from Karyn Purvis’s book the Connected Child.

If you are printing from one of my PDFs of verses, you will notice that there are three per page.  This is so you can cut them out and roll them up individually as little scrolls.  If you add verses or use your own, I would suggest making three to a page like this.

I am also providing in a PDF the inside letter.  When you print, you can enlarge or decrease the size so that it will fit the inside cover of your box well.  I use Modge Podge to glue it because it dries clear.  You can get this at Hobby Lobby.

I am making boxes this year for birth mothers, families that have adopted older children and my children’s school teacher.  They make really wonderful gifts and what better gift to give than God’s word and something home made with love!

Scriptures for blessing box
Scriptures for adoptive families
Birth mother verses
Family Blessing Box letter to be placed inside the top of the box

How to make a Blessings Box
Blessing Box pic 3



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